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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Relaxation in just 10 minutes!

Relaxation is everyone is looking for. In today's highly challenging & demanding, stressful life everyone wants some time for relaxation. but one seldom get time to relax completely due to tight schedules. 

whenever one thinks of relaxation first thing come in the mind is vacation in an exotic location, a spa or simple meditation retreat. many people find relaxation in Nature, nearby river or countryside. Some people find relaxation in soothing music. but the prime question remain how to get the daily dose of relaxation in the very stretchable urban lifestyle?

here i suggest a very simple yet effective exercise for relaxation which can be done anywhere at anytime without much here we go

1) find a place where you are not disturbed for a while. it can be meeting room in your office.

2) close your eyes & start deep breathing

3) as you breathe deeply put focus on your nostrils, tip of your nose where you can feel the air moving in & going out

4) be alert & aware of your breathe movement. breathe is coming inside, then there is a little pause, then breathe is moving out then again there is a little pause then the breathe is again moving in.....

5) Now being aware of your breathe tell your self that : "I dont need anything" " I am complete" "I am whole"

6) after repeating these words to yourself again be aware of your breathe.

you will notice instant relaxation in your mind as you become aware of your breathe, So as mind becomes calm your body also gets relaxation.

Initially you will find difficult to remain aware of your breathe even for 5-10 seconds but later on with practise it will become easier for you.

repeat this exercise whenever you feel tired or exhausted.

Get relaxed get connected to yourself! All the best!


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