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Monday, July 29, 2013

Deep Breathing

Breathing is process very hardly notice, its going on continuously whether we are aware of it or not. Deep breathing is Conscious breathing where we are fully aware of our breathing. Nowadays more & more people are becoming aware of the Health benefits of Deep breathing.

Breathing is the only bodily function that we do both voluntarily and involuntarily. We can consciously use breathing to influence the involuntary (sympathetic nervous system) that regulates blood pressure, heart rate, circulation, digestion and many other bodily functions. Breathing exercises can act as a bridge into those functions of the body of which we generally do not have conscious control

When we are under stress our breathing pattern changes, it becomes rapid. That directly affects the working of our different body parts. Over a period of time frequent increase in heart rate takes toll of our overall health.

Deep Breathing Exercises

1.   Simple deep breathing

Sit in a comfortable position with your hands on your knees

Relax your body muscles

Exhale slowly counting 1 to 5

Empty your stomach & exhale completely

Now pause for 2-3 counts then inhale slowly counting 1 to 5

Expand your belly as you breathe in

Repeat this exercise for 8-10 times

2.   Balance Breathing

sit in a comfortable position

inhale slowly counting 1 to 5

now without pausing exhale slowly with counting 5 to 1

generally we inhale for short period compare to our exhalation

this exercises we deliberately create the balance in both

3.   Nadi sodhana or Alternate Breathing

sit in a comfortable position

hold the right thumb over the right nostril and inhale deeply through the left nostril

At the peak of inhalation, close off the left nostril with the ring finger, then exhale through the right nostril

Continue the pattern, inhaling through the right nostril, closing it off with the right thumb and exhaling through the left nostril.

alternate breathing brings calm & balance, and unites left & right side of the brains. (learn more about alternate breathing)

Benefits of Deep Breathing

        Releases stress & tensions

        Reduces pain & emotional trauma

        Improves immune system

        Strengthens lungs & respiratory system

        Helps in healing of wounds

        Brings mental peace & calm

        Improves self awareness 


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