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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Being the Body

Step-By-Step Body Scan Meditation To Relax Instantly.This is a simple and effective body scan meditation and become the body feel the body. The aim is to train your focus while remaining mindful and accepting toward any sensation that may arise. In cases of pain and muscle tension, science shows that accepting sensations is more effective than trying to control them.

body scan
It is also more relaxing. A couple of pointers before we begin: 
  • Preferably don't eat within an hour of this body scan meditation because a stuffed stomach tends to prevent a relaxed mind and body.

  • Dim the lights and silence your cell phone. You may set a 10-minute alarm. Keep the volume low, though. No need to give yourself a heart attack..

  • Wear comfortable clothes and take off your shoes.

  • lay on your back, arms and legs spread comfortably. You may put a pillow under your knees to avoid strain on your lower back

  • When thoughts distract, remain mindful/detached from them and gently, patiently return your attention to your breath and body.

  • No expectations and don't worry about doing it right. You are doing it. That's all that matters.

  • There's nothing magical about relaxing and meditating. It's just natural.

Body Scan Meditation

Lying down now... Breathe in s-l-o-w-l-y and deeply through your nose. Feel your abdomen move outwards as your diaphragm contracts and draws air into your lungs. Your chest should not rise noticeably.While breathing slowly, direct attention to your left foot. Feel your foot. Curl your toes once to fix your awareness to it. Now relax...

As you breathe in through your nostrils, slowly scan your left leg from foot to knee, and up through your thigh.

As you breathe out, trace your leg down to your foot. Do this 3 times, then take your mind off your breath and remain with your foot.

Feel the sensations in your foot. Simply become aware of them. Scan your left lower leg. Accept any tension or discomfort. Scan slowly, up through your thigh now.

If thoughts appear, that's fine. Gently come back to your breath, and shift awareness over to your right foot.

Slowly inhale while scanning through your right calf, knee, and thigh... Exhale and scan back down. S-l-o-w-l-y. Now let go of your breath and remain with your foot.

Scan for any sensation in your foot... calf... Thigh... Simply accept all sensations and feel what happens. Relax...

Now focus on your stomach. Feel it r-i-s-i-n-g as you breathe in. Sinking as you exhale. Nice and slow. Your heart probably slows down. This is normal. Remain aware of your stomach, your breath... up and down. Become aware of sensations. Relax...

Now follow the same procedure with your left hand and arm as you did with your leg. You may clench your fist at first to really direct your awareness to your left hand. Breathe...

Now scan up along the length of your arm, to your chest. Then down your right arm to your right hand. Remain there. Breathe. Sense and scan. Relax...
Come back up to your chest. Continue scanning up along your neck and to your face. Gently clench your jaws and release. Feel the sensations in your jaws, your throat. Breathe and scan. Feel how the back of your head rests against the floor.

Scan the top of your head. Relax...

Now detach from all body parts. Breathe... Feel how everything is connected, resting gently on the floor. Just breathe, let any sensation come to you. Accept it as a part of you. Return to your breathing. You are big, sensations are small parts of you. They fluctuate, come and go.

Just breathe for a minute and feel your body. Then sit up slowly.

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