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Sunday, October 2, 2011

3 Inspirational Techniques To Get You Meditating

We all know sitting down to meditate is quite a chore. Especially if we don’t do it right. It can be frustrating, boring and mundane. Where are the results we all so expect? Where is that promised spiritual transcendence?
Before I dabble on, let me tell you that the benefits of meditation are numerous and everlasting. All that’s required from you is a little patience and dedication. I am going to outline 3 simple tips and metal hacks you can use to get inspired and meditate.

First Technique :- Sound

Whenever you are feeling a little lethargic to start meditating chant a little mantra. Not in your head but aloud. Start slow and raise the vibrations. Make it a simple mantra – I like to use “Shreem.” It’s the sound of the Goddess Lakshmi and when chanted with a bit a passion it raises your body’s frequency gives you a much needed jolt. You’ll begin to feel relaxed, your mind starts to settle and you get this sharp desire to meditate.
Chant slowly and raise the decibels are you keep chanting. Take your time, chant for about 5 minutes or until you begin to feel your mind and body relax. At this juncture you can continue with your regular practice.

Second Technique :- Yoga

Do a little stretching. A few plank poses or downward facing dogs. Just stretch your body a bit to help unwind yourself. That initial fatigue will dissipate when you get your body moving. It will increase the blood flow throughout your body and relax you physically – which is a precursor to a good meditation sitting.
It does not have to be long – about 10 minutes of stretching will suffice, just so you get in the flow. After a few poses sit down in your regular meditation posture. You will find yourself naturally going into a transcended state.

Third Technique :- Diet

This is intended for longer excursions but controlling your food intake dramatically increases your ability to meditate longer and better. There are certain foods made to raise your energy and frequency that will naturally prompt you to meditate. It’s best to avoid starchy, heavy and oily foods as these will weigh you down both mentally and physically.
Drink plenty of water and start your day with a healthy breakfast . I like to eat scrambled eggs and spinach. When you start your day with a healthy breakfast, the rest of your meals will follow suit. As a result, you will have nourished your body and mind, enabling you to eagerly anticipate and enjoy your meditation. The experience is greatly enhanced as well.


Sometimes I use a combination of all 3 techniques which allows for one stellar meditation practice. If you are just starting out and need some inspiration I suggest you employ the technique that works best for you and build a dedicated practice from that. When you progress in your meditation, you’ll soon begin to realize you naturally and seamlessly incorporate the above techniques in your daily life.

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  1. Mediation is required for all of us. We all get busy in our professional and personal life in such a way that we can't give time to take care of our own health. And this ultimately affects our professional work. It lessens our productivity. We feel so stressed. You have given here some nice techniques for meditation. These are truly inspiring. However, everybody must understand that without a proper health, there is no value of working hard and earning money. Even if you work hard, the output will be very less.