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Thursday, January 28, 2016

27 Ways to Find Inner Peace & Happiness

Many times in life we face a situation where we are stuck & don’t know what to do. It seems life is going nowhere and really need to boost ourselves. If your are also looking for how find inner peace and happiness within yourself then your are at the right place.
Below I have summarized 27 ways to be happy & at ease when situations go out of control.
I have tried myself most of the things and some I read on internet that I am sharing with you.
I hope this will make a difference in your life.

1)    Accept others as they are:  In this competitive world we try to stretch ourselves beyond our limitations. We always complain about others & try to change others. If rather than changing others if we try accepting them as it is that would be bring a dramatic change in our relations & we can feel more relaxed.

2)    Be graceful when others criticize you: -we get very emotionally charged when someone criticize or scold us. Especially students & working people face this kind of situations more often. If we remain graceful we can handle the situation properly & also we can learn from it.

3)    Practice Mindfulness: be aware of present moment. This is the best practice to keep your mind free from worry & unnecessary chattering that going inside our mind 24x7

4)    Be natural: Don’t try to project or show yourself as something your are not. You give your best when you are in your natural state of mind. Don’t try to imitate others just to get attention.

5)    Be positive about life: if your are deep sunk inside a sea of sorrows then think that now this the bottom here onwards life can take you upside only.

 6) Do meditation: Meditation is the God’s gift to humanity. By going in deep meditation you connect with yourself and your source. Meditation is very easy but it takes time to practice it. But once you get into it there is nothing like it. Here is the guided meditation for inner peace and happiness.

7)    Be thankful: always have a attitude of gratitude. No matter how worse is your life situation right now, there will be millions who are facing worst. So always count your blessings. Be it your health, your loving family members, your financial condition.

8)    Become self-aware: when was the last time you had a talk with yourself? When did you focus on your breathing?  Be ware of your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your sensations. Just observe them. Be alert be aware.

9)    Practice silence: decide some time frame may be on weekends where you can practice silence. Just remain silent, don’t try to convey anything even by signs or signals. Let the mind become still.

10)    Clean your desk/Home: you might feel what’s this! But yeah truly try once to clean your desk your room. Arrange the things that will give you some kind of inner satisfaction

11) Differentiate between your “NEED” and “WANT” :   one can fulfill his “needs” but “wants” are limitless. These wants make people go crazy & they just chase a mirage. Real happiness is in enjoying what you have rather then craving for “wants”.

12) Try Deep breathing: deep breathing increases the oxygen level at the cellular level of the body. It has numerous advantages not only on body but also on our mind. Belly breathing is considered to be the best breathing technique. Try deep breathing on daily basis & feel more energetic & charged.

13) Do Exercises: “either you use it or lose it” that is absolutely true for our body organs/parts also. We need to do stretching, warm up exercises on daily basis to remain healthy.

14)   Don’t argue: sometimes you need to stop the arguing to close the conversations. Never argue with fools they don’t understand logic & you lose your temper. Remember never fight with the pig, you get dirty and pig enjoys the mud.

15) Don’t Compare yourself with others: God has created everyone unique, everyone has his own strengths and weakness.  Focus on your strengths try to improve your weak pints.

16) Enjoy little things: suppose you are getting late for office and suddenly you are stuck in traffic jam! Then rather then curing the situation try to enjoy! ohh after a long time there is a jam! look at the people around what they are doing how they behave.

17) Forgive & Forget: resentment is the most dangerous and harmful emotion that affect us. It’s a short life then why to waste it for keeping grudge for someone. Replace that grudge with love and abundance and see how life becomes great.

18) Surrender yourself to the Universe: from childhood we are nurtured that way that we have to fight to survive and this “fighting spirit” has done more harm than help. We always try to fight with life. Why? Why don’t we trust the Universe which is govern by the law. Sometimes surrender is better option than trying.

19) Go on vacation: this is my favorite. Whenever I feel down I go on vacation and get 100% recharged. So pack your bag and go to that exotic location near sea or inside dense forest or try rock climbing.

inner peace and happiness

20) Always smile: everyone loves a smiling face. So why not spread positive vibes? Smiling doesn’t cost a dime! Also it keeps you in good mood. People love the company of smiling faces!

21) Keep yourself occupied: there is a saying that empty mind is devil’s home!. So keep yourself busy with something. Read new books, surf the net, visit new websites, try to learn new language, explore a new hobby.

22) Learn to say “NO”: helping others is always welcome but don’t over commit. If you try to keep happy everyone then you may don’t have time for yourself. Don’t keep legs on two boats.

23) Volunteer: serving the needy people gives the best satisfaction one can ever imagine. Try to find out social groups or NGOs join them. Contribute towards benefit of the poor, teach kids or any other kind of social activity.

24) Play with infants/kids: the smile of infants or kids is the best stress buster in the whole universe. Look into their eyes how beautiful they are. How they enjoy themselves.

25) Stop that watch: we have become more like a machine where the watch moves us around. Why not to change this? Try it for once, for one day just keep the watch aside and live the life as you want.

26) Walk Alone: walking alone is like a treat you give to yourself. Try walking bare foot on grass that helps to improve your vision. Walking also helps in reducing the weight.

27) Be adventurous: why not to try bungee jumping or paragliding, parasailing, mountain biking or zorbing? The biggest advantage of adventurous activity is that there is a sudden adrenalin rush! You feel that you are really alive!


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