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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vipasana Meditation - Very Scientific & Gives Instatnt Results

Vipassana Meditation is an ancient Buddhist meditation technique. Which mainly about awareness of the  bodily sensations  & breathing. Its a very scientific technique. its a practical technique & you can feel the difference within in a very short time.

In vipassana, the main reason for suffering is called our reactions. Many times we dont even know that we unknowingly reacting to the different situations  that creates further misery for us. Our subconscious Mind is the real mind which reacts to the sensations by the feelings or emotions. Positive thinking can help us up to certain way but it can not eradicates completely the root cause of the suffering.

Awareness of the sensations stops the mechanism of reactions to external stimulus. for e.g. when we have  the sensation of itching  we immediately starts scratching at the place. But instead of that we can watch that sensation without reacting to it. you will find that after some time there is a great urge to scratch but wait for few more seconds & you will find the itching subsequently vanishes away. No sensation is eternal. sensation like waves of ocean come & goes, we just have to be the still witness of this process.

the vipassana meditation starts with the awareness of your breathing. Vipassana meditation is being taught all over world that too free of cost. its basically 10-day residential course you have to stay for full 10 days. that too without mobile, internet & keep silent.

I am sharing you here the videos of the discourses of vipassana meditation.


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